This past Sunday started nice and early for some of the Beyond Boarding crew. Out of bed by 6:30, kettle on the stove by 7:00, serving free “Fracked Tea” by 7:30. First stop, the sea wall in West Vancouver to catch the early risers, then across the bridge en route for Downtown Vancouver to catch the daytime foot traffic.

“Fracked Tea? That sounds political” was the first reaction of the day. “Well, yes it is” we responded. The purpose of serving this tea was to start raising awareness about the BC provincial governments plans to fast track expansion of the LNG industry. This expansion is to create an export market, not to meet domestic energy needs.

Beyond Boarding just spent 8 months travelling around BC and Northern Alberta and saw first hand some of the negative affects fracking can have on land, air, water and communities. Now is the time to stand up and protect our planet, not to build an infrastructure that will drastically increase our provinces contribution to its destruction.

Filmers; Hannah Campbell & Tamo Campos
Organizers; Scott Knowles, Meggan Jacobson, Gillian Johnstone, Hannah Campbell, Tamo Campos
Contributors; Kindie Wolfe, John Muirhead, Jasper Snow Rosen and Carrisa Winter