Tamo Campos and the Veggie School Bus!

Tamo Campos and the Veggie School Bus!

Beyond Boarding has grounded it`s foundations in community development, social justice, and raising the awareness of high profile issues facing many communities today. Successful international work through the recent Peru Project has inspired Beyond Boarding members to take note of shifting corporate-environmental changes, which may threaten the livelihood of communities in British Columbia and create irreversible changes to the diverse natural environment, which makes up the west coast of Canada.

The Northern BC Project will raise the profile and awareness of harmful industrial projects and the impacts, which accompany them. From February 21st 2013 – August 28st 2013, Beyond Boarding members will film and document a carbon neutral vegetable oil-powered bus trip 5,211km across the province in an effort to showcase the destructive nature of the various industrial projects which B.C. and First Nations communities are currently facing. Along the way the risks these projects present to BC’s waters, wilderness, First Nations cultures, agricultural land, and tourism industries will reveal themselves and lead the project into its central theme: that these large-scale industrial projects are symptoms of a much larger disease. Contemporary culture views the natural world as a product, feeding current lifestyle trends and needs. We are dismantling the very ecosystems that sustain us, one industrial project at a time.

Snowboarders, surfers, skiers, and hikers are the greatest ambassadors for the power and importance of the natural world. The Northern BC Project aims to educate and empower the outdoor community to take a stand, speak out, and create positive change on behalf of the diversity of our beautiful province and its people against these large industrial projects, and all in a carbon neutral, no impact, and community based approach.

This Project is Unique!

                   Environmental justice is not a new issue; so what makes this project different? The Northern BC film is grounded in the beauty, diversity, and sense of community which B.C.’s natural environments are privy to. Beyond Boarding believes that these natural environments are of paramount importance in creating the same sense of community that many outdoor enthusiasts and athletes experience through various sports and adventures.  In addition to the film featuring the members of the Beyond Boarding outdoor community personally connecting with these issues of environmental and social justice the film will also showcase these members as they explore natural environments built for high level snowboarding and surfing throughout the province. This entertainment hook will reach new demographics (teens, young adults, surfers, snowboarders, film fest viewers, etc.) that many other eco-documentaries have overlooked. In support of this awareness, the film will inspire audiences to act as they see these athletes actively working on solutions, and taking leadership to effect change. The riders will feature a lifestyle that includes carbon neutral travel, eating sustainable food, signing petitions, writing letters to MPs, voting, and participating in local activist communities. Audiences will experience the adventure and beauty of BC’s northern winter backcountry, and the surf of the west coast all the while connecting with communities through the screen as the Beyond Boarding members enjoy their passion for the outdoors, identify the issues facing these environments, and the engage with local communities to make change. The film will showcase talent and entertainment, while promoting leadership and action on the issues at hand.

Beyond Boarding is a team of passionate, committed and socially conscious individuals engaged in taking action for social environmental justice issues and protect the natural world we live in. The Northern B.C. Project will continue this work by providing entertainment, education, and leadership in the search for alternatives and solutions to our resource dependent world. This project will connect audiences, outdoor enthusiasts, students, filmmakers, and athletes to the beauty of the outdoor world and the opportunities communities across B.C. now have to fight for its protection. This is a truly unique endeavor and the Beyond Boarding team is pleased to invite you to support us in making this positive change happen.

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