Hunting Powder in Chile

dave cliff

It was surreal snowboarding after being in the Amazon for so long. Luckily the temperature change wasn't too much of a shock, as Chile was having one of the worst snow seasons in recent years. We made DIY splitboards, which we used to access the backcountry without using fossil fuels. Because of the lack of snow, we travelled from Santiago to southern Chile, where we climbed volcanoes. Nine of us packed into a three seater cargo van, and dealt with the smells of nine, concerned police officers, and the broken gear that accompanies low snow years as we hunted for pow. We were smiling and laughing the whole time. In addition to the road trip, we spent time with a local non-profit organization called Un Techo and learned through interviews with locals the effects of the 9.2 earthquake that hit chile in 2010.