Moving South


Our time in Perú has come to an end.  We are now in Chile, where we will be snowboarding and working on the second part of our movie for the next three weeks.  Snow has been falling, and we´re stoked to see more in the forecast.

As we plan our next weeks– which are looking amazing– we´ve been thinking and talking a lot about Iquitos.  We´re beginning to see the extent to which the connections we made in Belen changed our perspectives and attitudes.  We all feel extremely grateful for the lifestyles we enjoy, and our dedication to the Beyond Boarding project has been renewed and strengthened.

When we left Perú, we had finished the base construction of the floating garden, and seen local workers finish the community centre that our fundraising paid for (thanks again for the donations!).  We felt incredibly attached to the people, organizations, and families that we worked with, and overwhelmingly human when we realized how much Belen had come to mean to us.

We´ve been talking about how Beyond Boarding can continue to be involved with La Restinga and Belen, and while we haven´t made any concrete plans or commitments, we´ve all agreed that it is important to us to maintain and develop our relationship with Belen.  We´re excited about what future work in Perú might look like, and about the future of Beyond Boarding in general.

Our Chilean adventures will come with an entirely new pace, new partners, and new experiences.  As we dive into this second leg of our trip, we will be keeping our friends from Perú in our hearts and on our minds.  It will be strange to think of the people of Belen continuing the day to day lifestyles we had the chance to share last month as we search for snow, climb mountains, and ride snowboards.  We´re all extremely happy to have the opportunity to place our travels in Chile against the backdrop of our time in Peru, and we are all excited to see how that backdrop shapes our thoughts and experiences in the coming weeks.

Words by David MacKinnon