Beyond Boarding Webisode #1

Interactive blog post # 1

Beyond Boarding Webisode #1 from Lew Muir on Vimeo.

These past five days have been spent floating along the gorgeous amazon river, with a lush wall of jungle guiding us along the way. A combination of mosquitos, interesting food, day long delays, along with countless other experiences afforded us some much needed storyboarding time, and a solid plan for our summer production is coming into place. My journey with the group began when Tamo and I met in Yurimaguas, a small but noisy riverport town in Peru. I also met Hannah, a friend of Tamo's, who is joining us on the Iquitos volunteer portion of the project. As a vegetarian, she found the food more of a struggle than anticipatied and was thrilled to be able to consume something other than white rice when we finally arrived in Iquitos today. Only four days in and I'm exhausted, but it was revitilizing to finally meet up with the team tonight in Iquitos. After roaming the town and knocking on a few wrong doors, we were finally able to connect with the rest of the group, and Dave, Lewis, Desiree, Aja, Nicole and Rainbow greeted us with open arms. After swapping stories, we met with the fabulous grassroots organization La Restinga and were given the opportunity to learn all about their creative, empowering projects taking place in the community. We learned about the raft building project that we will be participating in, which deals with community building, youth leadership and food security. Our excitement was instantly intensified. Lastly, they introduced us to their honey bee project, the first of its kind in the area, through which they teach local communities sustainable and profitable ways of keeping local bees and harvesting their honey. It's been an extremely interesting week, and we are thrilled to finally start the work we have been planning and preparing for. Marshal