Since Beyond Boarding Started in 2012 We Have Spoken to Thousands of People.

Beyond Boarding has spoken to a wide range of audiences and students. Some speaking engagements include, The Suzuki Elders conference, Youth Climate Change conference, Concert For Change and VIMFF(Vancouver International Mountain Film Fest). The response has been overwhelmingly transformative.

Our talk focuses on inspiring the audience with a sense of purpose,to make positive change both locally and globally. We capitalize upon the sport of snowboarding to grasp the attention of the audience and thereafter educate about various social and environmental issues. However, we do not merely focus on the issues. Empowerment has been front and center in our talks because we focus on solutions – tangible ones that adults and student can contribute to becoming leaders in their communities.

Feel free to read and submit testimonials about the presentations.

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Here are some testimonials from previous presentations:

December 4, 2013

To Whom it May Concern,

Re: Reference for Beyond Boarding

I am writing on behalf of Beyond Boarding who visited my classroom in October 2013. I would highly recommend their presentation to all high school teachers.

My class is generally considered a challenge. Ages range from 15 to 20 and students who attend are dealing with numerous emotional, behavioral and academic issues. This was of no concern for the Beyond Boarding Crew who spoke confidently to the group of approximately 30 (students and staff).

Their presentation was gripping; students were sucked into video clips of powder flying and snowboarders shredding; but they were also glued to images of flooded villages and poverty in South America. Tamo Campos spoke passionately about issues that we tend to ignore but that we should all be passionate about. Instead of just showing how ugly the world can be, Beyond Boarding presented solutions that anyone can contribute to. In addition to their presentation, Tamo, Landon and John took the time to answer questions and to listen to the thoughts and opinions of my students.

Two months later, I am still collecting free choice assignments from my students that specifically address the Beyond Boarding presentation or are influenced by their discussion. Even now, I hear conversations in my classroom about plastic bags, reusing and recycling, conserving fuel, and of course, veggie vans. This is both impressive and surprising since my classroom is in the heart of the oil and gas sector of BC
— Brenda Birley Senior Alternate Teacher North Peace Secondary School

December 3rd, 2013

To whom it may concern,

This fall, I had the pleasure of hosting the Beyond Boarding team in my classroom. They spoke to my students about a few very important environmental issues currently facing British Columbians, as well as issues in other areas of the world. Their presentation was not only educational and thought-provoking, but engaging; my students were able to relate to the Beyond Boarding crew, and thoroughly enjoyed their multi-media presentation – we talked about their message for days following their visit. I would be happy to have them back in my classroom any day, and would gladly recommend their team to follow teachers.
— Meaghan Rae Teacher, Fort Nelson Secondary School

Veggie Van Opens Minds Of Teens

To whom this may concern.

I think your presentation was really, really good I don’t think you should change a thing but maybe add some more snow boarding:P.

I really liked it, it opened my mind up a lot. I understand why your doing this and I would like to say, that was awesome and I think is awesome everything your trying to do. Especially the veggie van cause I have always wanted a diesel truck and if I can still do that aaah I cant wait so I could use that fuel and still have a standard truck that runs on fuel instead of a vehicle I go home and plug in and probably die just like a phone. Sorry anyways I really liked the presentation you wernt nervous and that’s good at schools cause we can notice that, and the group your in are very nice people that are easy to talk to.

Good luck and I wish the group the best of luck.
— Dekker Wilkins Gr 12 Student Smithers Seconday School