Plants as Allies! Herbal First Aid and Trauma Care

  • Heartwood Community Cafe Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Plants as Allies! Herbal first aid and trauma care for lefties, organizers, land defenders and activists.

Bodies, hearts, and minds often come out of actions, rallies and encampments bruised, bumped, and just plain burnt-out. 

How do we create a community response to care?
What medicinal plants grow around us, whether in the city's sidewalk cracks or streamside along the forest's floor?
Can plants offer healing and support in times of personal, community, and intergenerational trauma and grief?
How do we make our own medicines?

This workshop is taking place on unceded Coast Salish territory, at Heartwood Community Cafe.
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This is a scent reduced event. For more information on what this means, please check out this resource:]]

30 dollars per person, with two seats reserved and fees covered for two indigenous youth/youth of colour. 12 seats available in total. Please contact to reserve a seat, or for more information.