LET"S DO THIS!!! Our coast, our people and Mother Earth need us right now, please stand up for them and for each other!!!! 

Monday July 7th we are asking everyone to take direct action and do a sit-in or occupy local offices or rally outside in support of those doing the sit-in and to send a very loud, noisy message to the CONServative and Liberal MP's of BC. We need to show that all of us are standing together against unsustainable industrial development. NO means NO!

Rally and Sit-in at Conservative offices on July 7th, 2014. We will start at noon and go till 4. Everyone is welcome, you do not have to sit-in, just be there supporting whoever is sitting in. We are hoping to have all 21 BC. Conservative MP offices covered, all on that same day. WE want to send a strong message, that these M.P.s were elected by the people of BC and why are they not listening to us?. We do not want pipelines and oil tankers. We want to assure that all BC voters are aware that not one of these 21 MP.s stood up for our wishes.

Please pick the one near you!!! :)

Alice Wong #360-5951 No. 3 Road Richmond

Wai Young 6406 Victoria Drive Vancouver

Ed Fast #205-2825 Clearbrook Road Abbotsford

Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay #202 - 5000 Bridge Street Delta

Nina Grewal #201- 15957-84th Avenue Suite 201 Surrey

Russ Hiebert #106A-2429 152nd Street Surrey,

Randy Kamp 22720 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge

James Moore 2603 St. John's St. Port Moody

Andrew Saxton102 West 3rd Street North Vancouver,

Mark Strahl #102-7388 Vedder Road Chilliwack

Mark Warawa #104-4769 222nd Street Langley

John Weston #285-17th Street Suite 21 West Vancouver

Let's show the Conservative 21 that We mean NO when we say NO Enbridge!!!! 

LET"S DO THIS!!! Our coast, our people and Mother Earth need us right now, please stand up for them and for each other!!!! 

For those ready to do Direct Action: These are a few things to know and keep in mind!
1.) Record everything! enough smart phones out there so prepare to record and upload as soon as you can.
2.) Start a community group of people willing to take a stand. Doesn't matter even if you are one person take a stand and chose your own path, mind you support is always encouraged but know your rights and limits this is essential for you to come to terms with.
3.) Go to either Federal MP or Provincial Liberal MLA and tell them all "No to the total environmentally destructive, climate changing, resource extraction mega project's.
4.) Remain peaceful, this is just another step towards telling both governments "No pipelines!". 
5) Select one or two people to manage communications for the entire length of the action. 
The role of the spokesperson is to interact with police and media instead of the action participants to reduce confusion and alleviate potential stress for everyone involved with the action.
Feel free to talk about personal "Charter of rights" and what being a sovereign (nation) means on un-surrendered lands (if there are any questions with respect to the legal issues please feel free to post questions)

Please note: Times and locations to be confirmed , please check for updates! Thank you all very much!