DT Vancouver Northern Grease Screening!!!

  • SFU Vancouver Coast Salish Territories

This event is being held on unceded Coast Salish Territories.

Haven't seen Northern Grease yet?
Want to bring your friends to see it?
June 6th is your chance!!!

We are going to be screening “Northern Grease” DT Vancouver. Entrance is by donation and we will be selling baked goods by donation – 2/3 of proceeds go directly to frontline indigenous resistance( Klabona Keepers& the Unist'ot'en Camp) 1/3 goes to Beyond Boarding to facilitate further screening.

Some of the Beyond Boarding crew is going to be at the event, including folks who were just up north and who are in the documentary.

SFU Harbour Centre (Terasen Cinema). Doors open at 6:00pm and the event will begin at 6:45pm. Childcare will be available at the event. 


Northern Grease follows Tamo Campos, John Muirhead and Jasper Snow Rosen as they travel in a vegetable oil fueled bus throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The boys, on a mission to understand Canadian resource extraction projects, visit industrial towns, interview the people involved with and affected by resource extraction, and learn about some of the problems presented by practices like fracking and coal mining.

They find a complex and disturbing landscape, against which environmental stewardship is threatened by misinformation and biased marketing. Along the way, the boys spend time with the people who, using alternative and renewable energy sources, lead lifestyles that present solutions. All in all, Northern Grease tells a story of awareness, criticism, forward thinking and direct action against a backdrop of our country’s beautiful wilderness and fascinating people.