Tar Sands Healing Walk - 2014

  • Alberta Dr Fort McMurray, AB, T9H

June 27-29th. Fort McMurray Alberta. Free Camping. Amazing Speakers. Ceremonial walk. come and listen to grassroots, leaders and more. On Saturday is the actual ceremonial healing walk that occurs in the heart of the tar sands. You need to see if yourself to understand.

The program will be posted soon. Hiy Hiy, Masi Cho, Merci, Thank you.

Background Information about the history of the healing walk and where we are going next.

In 2009 people from the Athabasca region gathered for the first Healing Walk. 

At the time, no one knew what the Healing Walk would evolve into, or that three years later, in 2013, over 500 people from across Turtle Island and other parts of the world would have joined us on a walk we were taking to pray for the land, the people, and a future where the story we tell will be much different than the story we have worked so hard to tell today. 

This year we gather for the final Athabasca region Healing Walk. We do this not because the problem has been solved, or because justice has been served, or practices of honour and integrity have been taken up in the place of destruction and mistreatment. We do this not because our people have stopped dying from the chemicals that are now inextricable from the landscape. 

Rather, we do this because the story of the Athabasca region is only one small piece of the immense scope of this issue, these practices, of the land that's being abused, and of the people who are being so brutally mistreated. 

It's time for the Healing Walk to shed light on other communities, other extraction practices, other bodies of water, and other places that have been sacred since time immemorial. 

In order to tell the story properly, we have to tell the whole story. In order to stop the destruction, the healing has to start everywhere. 

Please join us for the 5th and final Athabasca regions Healing Walk