Healing Walk 2014 Caravan from Lower Mainland

  • Lower Mainland and Fort McMurray

Join us as we head to the 5th Annual Healing Walk in Fort McMurray and draw attention to the importance of protecting the water, the land, and living beings, including people, who care about our future!

Please follow this link and fill out this survey so we can start matching cars with riders!


In the last week of June, we'll be heading up in vans and cars to support those impacted by the tar sands. If you need a ride or have spots available in your car, we can no longer offer coordinating assistance, but you are welcome and encouraged to use this page as a space to self-organize rides, gear lists and so forth. 

This summer we are hoping that people from all over the Lower Mainland, as well as Vancouver Island, the Fraser Valley, and elsewhere join us as we drive up to Fort McMurray. 

Healing Walk website (schedule, registration, and more info): 


Facebook event for the 5th Annual Healing Walk in Fort McMurray: 


~*~*~ This year we have essentially no funding to contribute to folks who would benefit from a subsidy. We're very sorry about this. If you can contribute to folks in need being able to attend the Healing Walk, please comment on this page or email AJ at oneajklein@gmail.com. Thanks for understanding!



The Healing Walk started in 2010 in Fort McMurray Alberta, which is located in the Northern Boreal Forest. Fort McMurray is in Treaty 8 where for the past 50 years there has been oil extraction. Initially the extraction was oil, it is now crude which is a much heavier form of oil and takes more energy and water to extract, making it one if the dirtiest oils on the planet.

The closest major river that runs through Fort McMurray is the Athabasca River. The Athabasca River starts in Jasper and runs through communities such as Fort McKay, Fort Chipewyan and Fort Smith and eventually drains into the Artic Basin. It virtually affects Treaty 7, 6, 8 and 11 directly.

As the demand for tar sands oil continues to grow, more natural resources closest to these projects are being exhausted and contaminated with many toxics that are directly affecting and jeopardizing human health, health of other and all living beings, water, land and air.

Some journalists have classified the tar sands as the most destructive project on the planet.

Many groups and grassroots people have been actively engaged in education on different levels to inform the public and promote healthier progression, including diversity of economy, to include a strong market in alternative and more sustainable options, like solar energy. Solar being a much less destructive option.

The Healing Walk was born out of a need to heal. The Healing walk is not a rally, march or protest, but an acknowledgement of the people and other living beings, the water, the land and the air, that is suffering due to our unhealthy energy addictions.

This year's Healing walk will be on June 28th, with workshops on the 27th and closing ceremony on the 29th. This is the 5th year of the Healing Walk.