Petition Delivery to BC Gov, May 14th

  • #102 20611 Fraser Hwy Langley, BC, V3A 4G4 Coast Salish Territories

Hello Everyone! Remember that petition from SumofUs that got over 160,000 signatures asking for Bill 4 for be revoked?

A group of organizations (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, West Coast Environmental Law, Wilderness Committee, ForestEthics Solutions Society, Sierra Club and Greenpeace) are delivering this petition to the BC government on May 14th in Victoria on the steps of Legislature. 

Can we get out to Minister of Environment's office in Langley on May 14th at 10am and show our continued opposition to Bill 4 that paves way for industry to manipulate Provincial Park boundaries for industrial development? 

I'm sure you got more up your sleeve than a tweet, am I right?

Who lives in Langley or nearby areas? Who can be our lead contact? 
Bill 4 was passed with NO CONSULTATION whatsoever. The government did not ask the public, who cherishes the protection of land so highly, what they thought of Bill 4's proposed changes. This is unacceptable. 

In March the BC government approved Bill 4, which allows for the government to accept applications to conduct 'research' in our Provincial Parks. Up until last week, permits to conduct activities in parks was prohibited as it conflicted with the mandate of a Provincial Park. 

We must demand that Bill 4 is revoked and any changes to the Parks Act MUST be put through thorough public consultation where the people decide since it was us who decided on the protection in the first place. 

As you can imagine this is an abuse of what 100 years of work has accomplished in protecting wild places for the public to enjoy, which the public was involved in securing. Moreover, only 14% of BC land is protected as a Provincial Park and they couldn't even leave that small of a land alone from industry accessing it. 

Before the bill was passed, there were 30 applications asking for access into parks to conduct research that the province couldn't move on and now Bill 4 allows for just that. These permits can create the opportunity for park boundaries to be requested for relocation to make way for resource projects to build roads, pipelines or whatever activity was 'researched' and discovered within the park boundary.