Let People Vote! Vancouver Action to Stop the Unfair Elections Act

  • 102-3rd St W, North Vancouver

Right now, the Harper government is trying to pass an Unfair Elections Act that would make it harder for thousands of Canadians, particularly youth, low-income people, seniors, migrants, and First Nations to vote. 

Actions will be taking place at Conservative MP offices across the country! If enough of us join actions to publicly oppose the bill, we can raise the alarm and make it politically dangerous for the Conservatives to pass this bill. 

On Tuesday, March 25th at noon, join us in taking action to stage a creative petition delivery at Andrew Saxton’s office. 

Bring your friends, your best signs and cheers, add your name to the petitions if you haven’t already, and join the tens of thousands of Canadians who have already stood up against this act of voter suppression. 

The BC demonstration is being organized by Leadnow.ca and the Council of Canadians. This is part of a Nationwide petition delivery action which also includes the Canadian Federation of Students called Let People Vote! on March 25th. 

Leadnow’s petition protests the so-called “Fair Elections Act” and has already received over 53,000 signatures online. On February 25th, we delivered the petition to the House of Commons. On March 24th, MPs will be returning to Ottawa, and they will continue the debate on the act on March 25th. We want to send the message that Canadians are still paying attention to this issue back home by rallying at their offices while they’re debating the bill in parliament. 

There are a lot of problems with the Unfair Elections Act. It could disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters by making it harder, if not impossible, for them to vote. Yet it doesn't give Election Canada the power to compel testimony from political operatives - a crucial reform needed to properly investigate cases of election fraud like the Robocall scandal. This bill will would even make it illegal for Elections Canada to promote voting. 

To view a list of the actions happening across Canada, visit

To read more about the bill and sign Leadnow’s online petition, visithttp://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/stop-us-style-voter-suppression-from-becoming-law-in-canada

To sign the Council of Canadians Petition to Investigate and prevent electoral fraud with a truly fair elections act, visit


This event will take place on unceded Coast Salish Territories