Green Capitalism: the god that failed

  • 515 west hastings, Vancouver

The Institute for the Humanities at SFU will be hosting Dr. Richard Smith on March 25 for a brief talk and certainly some lively discussion about capitalism, the environment, and building resistance.

Dr. Richard Smith is a graduate of the University of California Los Angeles. He is a provocative essayist explaining how the day-to-day imperatives of corporate survival in a competitive market are driving humanity to the brink of ecological collapse. He has written for Truthout, Adbusters, New Left Review, Monthly Review, The Ecologist, and Capitalism Nature Socialism, and for academic journals including the Journal of Ecological Economics and The Real-World Economics Review. His new book due out in spring 2015 is titled, β€˜To Save the Planet, Turn the World Upside Down.’ The book will expand on themes in his widely-read articles: Capitalism and the destruction of life on earth: six theses on saving the humans; Green capitalism: the god that failed; and Beyond growth or beyond capitalism? He resides in New York City and is a member of the System Change Not Climate Change coalition.