Wage Solidarity


Wage Solidarity is an idea inspired by Queen Sacheen of Ancestral Pride, to build active allyship by contributing monetary funds to autonomous Indigenous nationhood independence movements.  

On December 4th, hundreds of people across Turtle Island will be invited to donate your day's wage in labour to "Nourish the Nation", an autonomous Indigenous garden project that feeds communities on the front line of harmful extraction projects, as well as single families and elders.  

On December 4th, Click here to donate: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/972193

Meet Wolverine. He is 84 years old, and lives in C'yele near Chase, BC, Secwepemc Nation.

Each morning, Wolverine gets up, and tends to a garden full of beans, squash, corn, tomato, carrots and potatoes, all traditionally grown without the use of GMO's or pesticides. 

But this isn't just any garden. And this isn't your average 84 year old.

Wolverine tends to a whopping 8 acres of land, and gives away almost the entirety of his harvest to elders in autonomous communities, single families, and to courageous camps of individuals defending their traditional territories against the onslaught of devastating extraction projects.  

What makes this even more incredible? Wolverine attends to this insurmountable revolutionary project all by himself. Every single dollar that you donate will go towards the purchase of a small tractor, an irrigation upgrade, and fencing- all to keep this project alive.

We need $30,000 to keep this project going, so every bit helps.

1) Donate a full day's wage, a half a day's wage, or even an hour of your time towards this incredible revolutionary garden. 

2) On December 4th, simply "buy a ticket" to the event, enter the amount you'd like to donate, and the funds will go directly to Nourish the Nation.

3) If you can't donate monetarily, consider a donation in kind of your own personal labour, or making an in-kind donation of materials. Email wage.solidarity@gmail.com for more info.

**This project is not meant as a substitute for physical action, but rather as a step towards mutual aid and solidarity.  

Many allies in cities who often look to physically support these projects, are at times not able to due to issues such as work commitments, reduced mobility, or family responsibilities.

Wage Solidarity recognizes that settler allies benefit directly from the theft and colonization of Indigenous lands, and as such can contribute a day's wages as a symbolic gesture towards the assertion of Indigenous autonomous nationhood and decolonization.