• Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

Come join us for an evening of music, speakers, food and discussion!

In the Pacific North-West corner of British Columbia is an extraordinary region of unceded land and water. There, three of Canada's most important salmon bearing rivers—the Stikine, the Skeena, and the Nass—are born in close proximity. This is one of the largest and most diverse ecosystems in the world and was opened up to industrial development by the British Columbia government.

For millennia, Tl’abanotin Elders have protected their homelands and way of life in the Tl’abane (The Sacred Headwaters) area for future generations. To ensure this long term stewardship-responsibilitycontinued the Klabona Keepers, a grassroots group of Tl’abanotin elders and families who use and occupy the traditional lands of the Tl’abane, was inaugurated. They have been working tirelessly for the last decade to protect it from an onslaught of gas fracking, mining development, and resident hunting issues that would undoubtedly cause major social, cultural, economic and environmental depredation.

While the Klabona Keepers have kept the area intact thus far, government persists with tenures and permitting for various resource exploration and extraction; there are over a hundred companies with stakes throughout the Headwaters. It is a globally significant natural area and the centre of Tl’abanotin culture. We all live downstream. For the wellbeing of their families and communities, thousands of people depend on the fresh water that originates from the Headwaters and feeds downstream water systems with salmon, trout and a myriad of wildlife. No amount of coal, gold, copper, methane gas can compensate for the sacrifice of a place that could be the Sacred Headwaters of all Canadians and indeed of all peoples of the world.

They are currently needing funding to continue protecting their territory and asserting their sovereign rights. We hope that you join us for an evening of entertainment and education - giving everyone an opportunity to contribute to the fight to save the Sacred Headwaters.