365 Days - Gallery Gachet

  • Gallery Gachet 88 E Cordova St Coast Salish Territories

Evan Sabourin’s '365 Days’

Exhibition runs: January 31st – March 2nd, 2014
Opening reception: Fri, Jan 31st at 7 – 10 pm

Evan Sabourin’s '365 Days’ has been a very long time in the making. The exhibit, which includes his spray painted narration of the 12 steps and a new series of paintings, documents Sabourin's recovery from addiction, and his associated struggles, successes, and failures. With dark wit, Sabourin's text-heavy works describe his navigation of the twelve steps, ethos of the AA/Narcotics Anonymous program, a narrative that is all at once funny and sad and politically illuminating. The journey is at times uncomfortable and shameless, and is relevant to most anyone with a desire for self improvement or an inkling towards the lugubrious.