Sip and Learn

  • Heartwood Community Cafe 317 East Broadway, Vancouver Coast Salish Territories

This is the first of a series of Sip & Learn events on the last Wednesday each month

Who is it for? People who care about anything. Yes, anything! Social justice, bead making, sustainability, urban loneliness, rock n' roll, coffee art, election reform, family, cat videos..... If you are open to meeting new people and learning from others, come join us!

Why does this event exist? We all have something to learn from each other. At the very least, we can share our experiences of caring about something, and perhaps leave with new ideas to try out. 

Also because organizer, Crystal Lee, is fascinated by what leadership means - in big ways, and small ways, and small ways that are actually huge ways. She created Sip & Learn as an opportunity to facilitate an open (and fun and friendly!) dialogue on how people lead, while promoting a community of support for people to lead in their own magnificent ways. 


This is the loose structure. Participants are welcome to arrive early for dinner. Crystal will be present from 6pm onwards. This being a Sip & Learn event, various beverages will be available for sipping. Prices are extremely reasonable and there is even soup available on a pay-as-you-feel sliding scale. 


At 6:30pm we will begin people and topic introductions. Dialogue will wind down at 8:30pm


January's topic is, "What do you appreciate?" We may touch on Appreciative Inquiry as a tool in the workplace, tapping into our Appreciator as an internal resource, how we appreciate, what we want to appreciate more, or any other appreciation-related topics that come up. This is the fun part of gathering a diverse group of people - who knows where inspiration will come from!


This event is free but donations will be collected for Heartwood Cafe's community space.