Idle No More Metrotown - Protect the Salish ...

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In response to Stephen Harpers recent visit to Vancouver, the people host a public gathering to express our disgust for the Conservative Government Agenda, led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. 

No More Tankers, No More Pipelines, No More Fishfarms.

11am Gather Kingsway Entrance Metropolis at Metrotown. This event will be more flash mob style, no microphones and focused specifically on spreading a message about protecting the Salish Seas from present threats and a dangerous future. We need to send a strong message to all who will be affected by decisions made by government with heavy influence from industry.

This event is an expression within your legal and human right under law to assemble without duress from any authority. We strive for a safe space for all, so that the message can get across.

We encourage people to express themselves and make signs, banners with suggested wording

"Protect the Salish Seas"
"No Tankers, No Pipelines, No Fish Farms"
"We are Protectors"
"No to Kinder Morgan Expansion" 

We encourage people to dress up in their form of their favourite spirit animal!

We will march throughout the Mall, with specific stops along the way including Real Canadian Superstore. The March will end with open drumming at the skytrain entrance by around 1pm.

NOTE: We do not expect to have a sound system, so announcements will likely be made under "Mic Check" conditions.