Farmed Salmon Boycott-North Vancouver, BC-Superstore-Wild Salmon Warriors

  • Real Canadian Superstore 333 Seymour Blvd Coast Salish Territories

" Alexandra Morton will be joining our North Vancouver Boycott tomorrow!! Given PMSH's recent rule by decree that Norwegian salmon feedlots will be expanding on our coast, it is time to act to make your voice heard loud and clear asking Superstore to stop paying money for Norwegian farmed Atlantic salmon that are polluting BC's pristine waters." 

"Please attend one of the boycotts at the five Superstores listed below. We believe the public needs to be made aware of the toxins in Norwegian farmed salmon and the threat these toxins are to human health. Be the change you want to see: help develop greater public discourse and/or distribute brochures detailing the contaminates in Norwegian farmed salmon. Salmon feedlots must get out of the migration waters of wild salmon."

"To be clear, this boycott is taking place simultaneously in Chilliwack, Duncan, Kamloops and Cranbrook as well as N Van."

-Sabra Woodworth