A grassroots collective, combining surf, snowboarding, art, storytelling & activism



Beyond Boarding was founded in 2011. We are volunteer operated and driven.  

Since our inception, we've advocated for environmental and social stewardship in four countries and on two continents with initiatives that range from films, journalism, youth programs, workshops to direct action. 

The initial goal of Beyond Boarding was to build social and environmental awareness and action within the outdoor community. These goals led us to volunteering in the climate change impacted community of Belen in the Amazon and communities across the Pacific North West through the Northern Grease initiative. Over the years, our vision has expanded to embody deeper commitments to frontline communities we've developed strong relationships with. What started as a volunteer project in the Amazon has led to a dynamic approach to community engagement and climate justice that is rooted in the land and a deep respect for those who steward it. The continual lessons, perspectives & responsibilities from these relationships now shape and drive our work today.


Because we don’t have a formal structure we can follow our hearts. When we feel projects are immediately in need of support we rally quickly without the hindrance of bureaucracy. We're proud of supporting the movements like the Musgamagw Dzawadaneuwx fish farm fight or The Klabona Keeper's stewardship of Tl'abane.  These support role have always given us more than we could ever do in return.

Beyond Boarding’s volunteer film crew have produced over 50 short films and two award winning feature documentaries. The themes of our film production range from Fish Farms, Fossil Fuel Extraction, Indigenous Resistance to Climate Change Displacement but are all grounded on lifting the voices of impacted communities.

In 2018, we officially started a non.profit society to manage our youth programming sector of Beyond Boarding. 

Beyond Boarding Declaration from 2014